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Mike Wells Jr.
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May 8th

Well I didn't wreck the beast, it ran good all afternoon, but of course it had to rain out our feature so we will see you on June 12th
Heat Race: 2nd to last
Semi: N/A

June 12th

What a beautiful afternoon for racing, the sun was shineing, couln't of asked for a better dam day!! The car had a couple of over heating issues but were resolved very quickly, but all in all good racing action at he Big A.
Heat: 9th
Semi: didnt make it
Feature from May 8th: 15th
Feature: 20th

June 19th
Not a good day for the Wellsy Jr. team this trip around, we battled with a tight car all afternoon. On top of that to make matters worse the power steering cut out and broke the bracket twice making the car impossble to control.

!Airborne Renegade Points Standing!
1. Rich Turner 245
2. Don Franklin 229

3. Rich Agoney 207

4. Steve Hunsdon 194

5. Claude Gatien 188

6. Shawn Duquette 187

7. Tylor Terry 182

8. Sherri Meunier 180

9. Mike Rivers 169

    Don Bluto 169

11.Joe Cobb 153

12.Kevin Boutin 142