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Mike Wells Sr
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May 8th
Not a very good day for the Wells Motorspors team, we ended up blowing 2 sets of gears in the parctice session and never made it the rest of the day. But we lucked out and our feature got rained out.

June 12th

Very good afternoon, we had a great race!!!
Heat: N/A
Semi: dint make it
Feature from May 8th: 9th
Feature: 12th

June 19th

What a beautiful afternoon for racing. The car ran grate all evening. Track Conditions were good and we were just getin after EM!!!!
  • Heat: 3erd
  • Semi: 3erd
  • Feature: 4th

1. Mark Barnier 217
    Bill Sawyer 217
3. Bucko Branham 211
4. Skip Liberty 202
5. Jamy Begor 197
6. Chris Cayea 192
7. Mike Wells 107
8. Steve Bennett 169
9. Scott Payea 168
10.Robin Wood 156
11.Jim Bushey 150
12.Brian McGinley 141
13.Doug Murphy 137
14.Joe Bouyea 135
15.Toby Ebersole 130